Motion Designer & Video Production

About Paul….

Paul joined the British Army at the age of 17 and served as a Combat Medic. With 10 years of military professionalism and managing under extreme duress, followed by a further 10 years of creativity in design and video Paul has clearly managed to take the best aspects of both worlds to forge his career and approach to the problem at hand. He has a genuine passion for film, especially title sequences, and is also a bit of a technology geek.

ViBe Videographer

Wanting to bring a unique and useful twist to our meetings both online and offline. Paul has become an invaluable member of the team. All showcase video footage is edited by Paul.

Paul’s Motion Video Services

Paul has worked as a professional motion designer and video editor for clients around the world in a variety of different industries. With 10 years of experience providing video for large, medium and small companies, he has an abundance of experience to be shared and utilised. His skills as a storyteller really translates well to video.

Paul’s Portfolio & Showreal

Paul is a skilled and experienced motion designer and video editor, but words alone cannot do him justice. So if you feel inclined, take a look at his showreel and judge for yourself.