How to Create an Elevator Pitch

The philosophy behind an elevator pitch

Imagine, you are stepping into a lift at Canary Wharf, and just as you turn to push the button, in walks someone like Alan Sugar. As the doors close he turns to you and introduces himself and in that moment, you realise you’ve got just seconds to impress upon him, all that you do, why you do it, how it helps the people you do it for and whom those people are.

This is the essence of the Elevator Pitch. An American term given to the speed and clarity by which you need to be able to communicate what is is that you do in one statement and which encompasses all that you and your business are about.

At our general Networking ViBe meetings we embrace the ability to build connections quickly. Depending on the venue and the number of delegates in attendance, you’ve anything between 1 and 5 minutes of shared time, to hold a conversation with possibly a complete stranger whom also desires to communicate with you what it is they are all about.

This is why, it’s handy to have an elevator pitch prepared. It won’t just serve you well at our events, but other networking events and business encounters you make through your professional journey.

Our Networking ViBe elevator pitch goes something along the lines of:

“Networking ViBe is a speed networking group that supports small business owners in the Milton Keynes area, who’ve a legal need to be registered for VAT, most likely have a small number of employees at their disposal but whom you the owners still make up part of the daily work-force delivering what it is that your business does. The problem is, that to find the time to take out of your normal business hours of operation to attend such events, steals too much of your days productivity, and so what we do with our general ViBe meetings is, hold them once a month, of an evening, whilst guaranteeing that you meet everyone else who is in attendance. This puts your time to good productive use without interfering in your daily duties, yet securing every chance for you to grow business contacts future conversations, leads and sales opportunities, long after our event has concluded.”

By breaking down the above statement, you will see it is made up of 4 key components.

These are as shown below and by completing the blanks with your own business descriptions, you will be able to ensure the key components of your message exists, then like we have done above, you need to just tidy up the messages flow, so that it can fall off the tongue without looking rehearsed or forced.

1) We work with… [name specific target audience / niche group of clientele] eg. Networking ViBe runs speed networking events for small business owners, who’ve a need to be registered for VAT from the Milton Keynes area.

2) …who have a problem with… [name the issue your audience has] eg. Finding the time to promoting their business and attend networking events during their normal trading hours.

3) …what we do is… [say how you solve their problem] eg. provide a means to overcome this issue, with our general meetings being held of an evening, once a month and which guarantee everyone in attendance meets with everyone else in attendance.

4) …so that [now name the benefits] eg. your time is put to good productive use, you’ve opportunity to grow a conversation and relationship with new contacts after our event has finished and so you can enjoy promoting your business without it intruding into your quality hours of operation.