9 tips for getting the most out of our Networking ViBe events

Arrive 5 to 10 minutes early

Like many networking events, it’s the conversations you have with others in attendance that formulate associations and friendships, all of which can lead to mutual business ventures and trade. Arriving 5 to 10 minutes early, means you’ve time to settle, engage and welcome conversation with others who’ve also arrive in plenty of good time.

Have an elevator pitch ready

Speed networking is all about building acquaintances and quickly ascertaining those whom could be of use and interest to you and your business. As well as being able to effectively communicate that what you do quickly and clearly so that others can do the same. That is why we employ the concept of an elevator pitch at our events. Our networking rounds range between 1 and 5 minutes so it’s handy to have this ready to fall back upon should you need it with new acquaintances. Check out our article next week on how to create an Elevator Pitch.

Ditch the general sales pitch mindset

Networking ViBe is all about the quality of the relationships you build. No one likes to be sold too or at. So ditch the sales pitch mindset and be yourself. More importantly relax and enjoy. Concentrate more on building business friendships and getting to know the person behind the business. People do business with those they know like and trust! This is your goal!

Seek out one-unique quality/fact in those you meet

Ever been to an event where by you get back to your desk and find yourself with a stack full of business cards but can’t put face and name together? Me too. All the time. So to overcome this, I look to find out an interesting fact or tip-bit about the people I speak with as it helps me remember them, their business and more importantly connect them to their business card and contact details.

Follow-up within 48 hours with all those you meet

Where possible, follow up our meetings by thanking your new acquaintances with an email the day after, you meet. Connect with them on social media as this is where most long-lasting relationships are built these days! We create the connection, you create the relationship.

Listen to the conversation, and then show you listened.

Help make a good first impression with those you meet, by listening to what they say then following with a comment or question about what you’ve just learnt. Try to resist refocusing the conversation with your own story. Your time will come, but you will be remembered and liked for being attentive to their cause. People like to talk about themselves, let them talk!

Do you have a good hand-shake?

It’s an old wife-tale or is it? Do people really judge you by the strength of your hand-shake? Many would argue that they do, so can you risk creating a weak first encounter? A hand shake should be firm, dry and with you looking your acquaintance in the eye whilst presenting a genuine heart felt smile.

Take business cards and plenty of literature

Make sure each acquaintance you meet parts with the necessary means to make future connection with you and can learn more about you in their own time and leisure.

Dress comfortably

Our speed networking events are an enjoyable casual yet structured meetings. We hold them of an evening after your normal day’s duties have concluded and we want you to relax and be comfortable after a hard days work and your mindset of a similar nature. So, dress in a manner that makes you feel comfortable and you believe respects your business and person.

Take Notes

I like to jot a little comment or thought on the business cards of those I meet to help me remember them long after the events. This also aids in the follow-up your connections after the event.